Mr. McIntosh House

San Ysidro Historic Home San Ysidro Historic Home San Ysidro Historic Home240 Pepper Drive

The original acre lot A12 was purchased by a Mr. McIntosh in 1910 who also owned Parcel 63 at 109 Hall.

According to Joyce Hettich, this particular house was built by a Mr. Cruthers around 1915.

When the Cruthers divorced, Mrs. Cruthers was given the house and associated acreage. She ran a nursery on the site until she was killed crossing the railroad tracks (no date for her death).

The Cruthers also owned the Hettich property and several others. A review of the City Directories list a Alva Cruthers as a school teacher in 1911 and 1912.

Cited from: San Ysidro Historic Resources Survey, Conducted for: City of San Diego Palnning Department, Conducted by: Roth and Associates, Linda Roth & Judy Berryman, 14 August 1989.


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