Maria Wakefield House

San Ysidro Walking Tour130 East Park

This is another Little Landers home.

The original lot 37 was purchased by Maria Wakefiled in 1913.

Apparently many of the original Little Landers colonists were single, unattached women who bought undeveloped lots, stayed for an undetermined time and then moved away. They appear in the directories for one or two years. Some perhaps married, which would account for the names no longer appearing in the directories. These were the days when women married and then took their husbands’ names. They would go from being, for example, “Madelyn Larson” to “Mrs. Edward Palomar.”

Extensive archival research coupled with interviews failed to document the date of construction of this home, biographical data of the original inhabitants or any associated local lore.

Information found in: San Ysidro Historic Resources Survey, Conducted for: City of San Diego Planning Department, Conducted by: Roth and Associates, Linda Roth & Judy Berryman, 14 August 1989.



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