Margaret Story

Little Landers Homes218 East Park

The original town lot 50 was purchased by Margaret Story in 1909 and later bought by Cruthers in 1912. Story also owned parcels 49 and 50 (218 E Park). This house appears in a 1912 historic photograph taken from the park and is therefore definitely associated with the Little Landers Colony #1.

Margaret Story was no longer listed in the Directories after 1911. Apparently many of the original colonists were single, unattached women who bought undeveloped lots, stayed for an undetermined time and then moved out of the area. (They appear in the directories for one or two years. Some perhaps married which would account for the names no longer appearing in the directories).

Although nothing could be found regarding Margaret Story, this house is significant in that it is one of the oldest houses within the study area. It is a good example of the Craftsman bungalows built during the beginning of San Ysidro.


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  1. charlie velazquezJanuary 30, 2015 at 6:17 pm #

    Great photos. I was born and grew up within walking distance of all these homes and buildings and I can’t describe the memories these pictures bring back to me. Very good post. CHUCK

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