1953 USGS San Ysidro

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    The Howard ranch is marked on the attached 1953 USGS map as the oval race track below Southwest Junior High School that was built in 1929. Charles S. Howard bought this ranch in 1939 after the death of Jack P. Atkin who was one of the founders with James Coffroth of the old Tijuana racetrack in 1916. Atkin founded the ranch in the 1920s and it was known then as the Pasadena stable. After 1939 it became the Howard ranch. James Parsons owned the Hope Farm southwest across the road from the Howard ranch where he raised his famous “Seth” horses from 1919 to 1939. Marvin Allen was one of the A. B. W. partners with Frank Beyer and Carl Withington who were the “Border Barons” of Tijuana in the 1920s. Allen owned the San Ysidro Stock Farm from 1916 to 1933 when he sold it to Jack Akin. It was located 1/2 mile south of Schnell dairy and 300 yards east of main highway. The map shows two smaller race tracks in Section 35. These could be the horse ranches of other known breeders in the area, such as Wally Zager, Cliff Clayton, Forrest Burkholder, or D. C. Haskett. Also, A. L. Jones had a ranch at San Ysidro with a famous sire called Sunshot. Other great breeders were Louis Almgren at imperial Beach; Dr. Chester Wilson at San Ysidro; Gillespie Land & Irrigation Co. at San Ysidro; Nestor Farms; Cox and Ketcham; Monserata ranch of Louis Lighten.

    Steve Schoenherr, Professor Emeritus, San Diego State University

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