George Hall, Little Landers

233 West Park233 West Park

The original Town Lot 9 was purchased by George Hall in 1912. Hall at the age of 70 was one of the original officers for the Little Landers Colony and served as the 1st President of the 2nd Little Landers Corporation in 1912.

As the horticultural commissioner for San Diego County, Hall advocate agricultural tracts of 10 acres or less as the best adaptation to county conditions. Based on the topographic considerations and soil conditions he suggested that the Little Landers Colony be established at San Ysidro.

Hall and Smythe edited the one and only periodical for the settlement: Little Landers Library (1908).

Hall also owned Lots 2 and 3 in 1910; Parcles A86, 87, 88, 257 and 233 in 1913. Although he advocated agricultural tracts of 10 acres lots, he never bought an acre lot — all of his holdings were town sites.

Although this particular parcel was originally owned by Hall, there is no evidence that this particular residence was occupied by him. Based on a review of the 1928 aerial, it is apparent that the house was built prior to 1928 and therefore could have been associated with the early Little Landers occupation. Further, the Craftsman bungalow style suggests an early date as well.

Hall Avenue is named after George Hall.

Cited From: San Ysidro Historic Resources Survey, Conducted for: City of San Diego Planning Department, Conducted by: Roth and Associates, Linda Roth & Judy Berryman, 14 August 1989.


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