Frank Beyer House

159 Hall Avenue

In 1923, prominent citizen Frank Beyer built his one-story bungalow at this place in a Pueblo Revival style. It had a deeply recessed porch, double hung wood sash windows, clay tile awnings above the windows and circular clay ornaments that simulated vitas at the roofline.

This Border Baron owned casinos, brothels, saloons and racetracks in Tijuana. He lived here with his wife and owned a ranch and a pawn shop in San Ysidro. His wife was a member of the San Ysidro Women’s Club.

Frank Beyer donated money to the nearby congregationalist church, Church of Mt. Carmel, the Civic Center and the San Ysidro Public Library. If you visit the San Ysidro Public Library, make sure to find portraits of Frank and Blanche hanging on the wall. The Union Tribune wrote up a charming biography of Beyer.

A major street in San Ysidro is also named after Frank Beyer.

Frank Beyer House


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