C. J. Young House

117 Seaward Avenue

The building was demolished about 1992, but the original lot, designated as acre lot A3, was purchased by C.J. Young in 1910.

Young had originally lived in San Francisco, importing Irish linen. However, the 1906 earthquake killed his wife and destroyed his business.

Young was typical of many of the Little Lander colonists, elderly and with limited available cash. After the death of his wife, at the age of 70, Mr. Young moved to San Ysidro with a total of $350 in cash. After five years, by doing carpentry work in the area, he was out of debt; his land and personal property assessed at $2,500.

Young became Director of the Irrigation District and for a time managed the Colony’s market in San Diego.

C.J. Young was one of the original incorporators of the Little Landers Colony; at the colony he married Dr. Blackshaw’s daughter. In 1912 the statue of General Grant stood on Young’s porch until a pedestal could be built for it:

“….George P. Hall, our Horticulturist askHistoric San Ysidroed for General Grant and two lady statues to be set up in our Park. They were brought out, the two ladies were set up in the Park near where the Irrigation District office now is, and General Grant was laid on the front porch of Youngs home at the head of Park on Seaward Ave. until a pedestal was built to set it on. Later when a pedestal was ready a ceremony was held to dedicate Grans statue which was set up with his arm pointing to Mexico and stood there until 1918 when during the War came a great scarcity of copper came about, so the residents got together and tore down Gernal Grant and sold the copper for the war effort. The two ladies known as Mrs. Eddy and Lydia Pinkham were taken down later.”

The potential historic importance of this structure lies in its early construction date (associated with the Little Landers settlement) and its association with C.J. Young, one of the incorproators of the Colony and head of the Irrigation District.


Cited From: San Ysidro Historic Resources Survey, Conducted for: City of San Diego Planning Department, Conducted by: Roth and Associates, Linda Roth & Judy Berryman, 14 August 1989.


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